Sunday, 20 April 2014

The sun is shining

Aahhh the sun is finally out and it's not cold!!! If you live in the UK you will get excited to see the sun out! 
I am obsessed with mom jeans at the moment and when I walked into New Look and saw these for £7 I was like Whaattt... I had to have them, they were just plain mom jeans I decided to rip them my self, using some scissors and a piece of cardboard, it was pretty easy to do.
I am also obsessed with these beautiful sandals from River island they are my favourite at this very moment, they are very easy to walk in and they take me right back to my childhood, I had them in like 4 different colours back then.

                        Crop top - H&M similar here
                         Kimono - H&M similar here
                      Mom Jeans - New Look similar here
                        Sandals - River Island here
                        Sunglasses - New Look here
                        Necklaces - Black Tied here

                                 mica xx


Monday, 7 April 2014

Beautiful overnight

Today I am sharing with you guys some of my favourite overnight beauty secrets.
The best part of all of this, is that all the magic happens while you snooze away, that's what I call beauty sleep.

1. Soft feet
Apply an oily moisturising cream all over your feet, then apply socks on and keep them on over night.
If you are like me and hate sleeping with socks on, you can always cut the toes of the socks so your feet can breath. In the morning your feet will be super soft and all you will need then is a pair of some beautiful shoes that shows your feet off.

2. Plumper skin
If you live in a dry climate, sleep with a humidifier running through the night, this will help add moisture and freshen your skin while you sleep.

3. Puffy eyes
If you feel like every morning you wake up with puffy eye, add an extra pillow when going to sleep and also sleep on your back.
This helps fluids around your eyes to drain easier and keep puffiness down.

4. Soft lips
If you suffer with dry chapped lips, exfoliate them before bed using a lip scrub or you could use your toothbrush, brushing your lips gently before bed, then apply your favourite lip balm.
When you wake up your lips will be soft, soft, soft.

5. No more flat hair
If you are like me and hate waking up in the morning with flat hair then you should follow this tip.
Wash your hair before going to bed, then spray a volumizing product onto your damp roots or even hair moose and comb through. Blowdry it using a round brush to build volume and then go and get your beauty sleep.
When you wake up your hair should be less flat than it usually is, you can then style it as you want it.

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