Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Primark Haul

I went into town with the intention to buy the checkered trousers from River island 
which I could not find, they have it online but do not have my size, but me being me 
I decided to go into Primark and see what they have in, and of course I spent money 
in there, they have some great bargains.

Leggings £6.00
Crop top £2.00 (half price)
Beanie £2.00
Dark green top £6.00
Midi rings £1.50

I picked up these leggings they are tick and great for winter and because 
I'm not a great fan of jeans and I can never find jeans that fit me perfectly.
The checkered crop top was on sale for £2.00 (bargain) and I thought it would 
go great with my denim pinafore.
The beanie hat is the sort of hat that you want to have but don't know if your ever
 going to wear it, but the dark green top with leather sleeves is great it's the
 sort of baggier top and it would go great with some ankle skinnies and ankle boots.

Coat £35.00
Bag £10.00

I absolutely loved these two items as soon as I seen it and I just knew 
I had to have them, I actually planned my outfit for these before I even paid for them.

Let me know what you think of these Primark bargains.

Mica xx


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